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Go To Apps for Social Media Managers

There are quite a few apps that I just cannot live without as a social media manager, and I am here to share them with you!

The most important app I use in my day is Hootsuite. I would be lost without this app, I use it to schedule not only my social media accounts, but I use it to schedule author accounts too! I cannot tell you  enough how amazing Hootsuite Pro is, most of all I love the freedom to be able to schedule up to 50 social media networks!

Just below Hootsuite, Canva, is the second app that I could not survive a single day without. It has become second nature to create promotional graphics for books I am promoting. I LOVE being able to throw together promotional graphics for Instagram, and being able to change up what I am posting for the authors at a moments notice. In addition to all this the Canva app is really user friendly, it doesn’t have as many options as their desktop site does, but it is still really useful! picture1

Another app I cannot survive without is the WordPress app! I love being able to re-design and work on my site while I’m in the passenger seat. It is also really convenient to be able to create and edit blog posts whenever from wherever, and in a pinch I am able to get my #MondayBlogs post up from anywhere!

In addition to all of these apps, I use the Pinterest app all the time! I never knew how much of a marketing tool Pinterest could be until I became an author personal assistant. I just figured out how to join group boards, that has been detrimental to my book marketing! I can have my pin seen by hundreds of people at once!

Each of these apps are important for their own reasons, if you’re a person who is on the go a lot like I am, then you should have these apps! The best part is that almost all of them are FREE!!!

Good luck and happy marketing!

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