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How You Can Use Pinterest to Boost Site Traffic

Pinterest is a resource, but many people don’t know just how helpful it can be. Pinterest isn’t a huge interactive base, but it has the potential to get your site noticed quickly and in many places.

Perfecting Your Profile

The best thing you can do for yourself is to create a business profile for your business, this will give you access to Pinterest Analytics. The analytics will give you insight to your traffic and allow you to implement Pinterest adds if you wish, in addition to this you can boost your posts so they are seen by a wider audience. Once you have this business profile created, make a board just for blogging, and pin your new posts to it each week, or whenever you write new blog posts. Make sure the link is directly to your blog post.

Images, and How to Use Them

Images are a huge part of Pinterest, it is critical to make sure you are posting clear, high quality images. It has also been found out that vertical images do much better than horizontal. If you have great images it is more likely that your content will be repinned. On that topic, it is important to engage with your followers, follow their relevant boards, repin their content to your own boards, and like it. Pinning often and consistently can also be a huge help to you. Adding your site address under any text on the images you use for your pins may also increase the traffic to your site.


Pins Themselves

Adding categories to your pins, and making sure you post links in the descriptions is important. When you are writing descriptions for your pins, think about keywords that people would be searching make sure you’re descriptions are detailed. Use lists, tips or advice to catch people’s attention. It is a good idea to tease people and just use a portion of the list for your image or description and then forward them to your site for the rest of the list. If you are selling an object, use an image of that for your pin, instead of focusing on overwhelming  information they don’t need, they will focus on your product.


Group Boards

Group boards can be just as helpful if not more helpful than anything else combined. They can dramatically help you increase your repins and your followers at once.  Joining popular group boards can get your content seen by many followers at once. Post in group boards often, make sure you have high quality images and great descriptions.  It is important to make sure that you are joining group boards that pertain to your niche. Once you have a high enough Pinterest presence, and enough followers, it’s a good idea to start a group board of your own.

10 thoughts on “How You Can Use Pinterest to Boost Site Traffic”

  1. This was very helpful. I have always been skeptical of group boards, but I just did not get the concept somehow. I will definitely be joining at least one!


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