The Great Discovery of Time Management & How it Can Help You
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The Great Discovery of Time Management & How it Can Help You

When I first started as an author assistant, a little less than a year ago time management was something I struggled with greatly. I was constantly working, not that I shouldn’t have been but it was 24/7 and a lot of the time I was just barely meeting my deadlines. I struggled to keep up with my growing client list, and was exhausted all the time. I neglected my own social media, blog, and website just to  make sure my client’s were satisfied.  It took about six months of struggle and neglect before I discovered the wonder of time management. Using apps, along with, a day planner and a lot of effort I learned how I could run my business so much better just by using a tool that cost me nothing, time management.

While it did take me awhile to figure out how I could apps to help myself, it was easy for me to realize how they could help me manage my clients.l  I knew I couldn’t survive without Hootsuite to schedule my client’s social media, once I realized how much it could help me manage my own social media my time really opened up! Once I got good at it, I could schedule a client’s month’s worth of social media in 2 hours or less, this opened up more time for me to manage my own social media and complete other projects. Another app I loved to use to save time, and still use today is Canva. While it isn’t anything like a calendar or scheduling service it does allow me to create conversation starting graphics in 5 minutes or less. Canva has a user friendly app with so many more features than I could dream of and a website that is even better than the app! These two apps helped me save time immediately, which was great since I am very “instant gratification” kind of person. I could not have imagined the difference a day planner would make. Click here to see the day planner I got, which I am in love with!

Getting a day planner was not even my idea, my boyfriend saw the papers and notebooks scattered everywhere while I struggled to keep track of everything I needed to get done. He ordered me a day planner and it changed everything. The day planner allowed me to schedule out when each client’s blog posts needed to go up, when their books were set to publish and when I needed to get my own things done. I scheduled out my blog post topic for each week at the beginning of every month, this made it easy for me to sit down and write each post since I already had topics picked out and ready to go. Having the day planner allowed me to map out each month, and get a good idea of when my most hectic weeks would be so I could prepare for those the week before and lessen my workload so I wouldn’t be so stressed and run down.

My apps and day planner both helped me manage my time better, but all in all it came down to effort. I needed to really think about what I needed to accomplish, long before I needed it done instead of the day before. Once I had changed my mindset and how I did things, it became so much easier and stressful to manage my client’s work along with my own. If you can change how you look at things, it can change everything. I strongly recommend using list building, I wrote down every task I needed to accomplish in a day, no matter how small. Checking these items off my list as I went helped me to feel less bogged down, as I realized that I accomplished more in a day than I initially thought.

There are many ways out there to help you discover time management, whether you use apps, day planners, list building or even motivational videos. No matter how you do it, start by using your mind, change your mindset. Know that you can accomplish all that you can dream of if you just put your mind to it!


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2 thoughts on “The Great Discovery of Time Management & How it Can Help You”

  1. I am trying so hard to get back into using a planner. It is clear I need to get this in order! Thank for this post, time management is an area where I am suffering lately


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