Valuable Ways Authors Can Use Goodreads To Their Advantage
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Valuable Ways Authors Can Use Goodreads To Their Advantage

Valuable Ways Authors Can Use Goodreads To Their Advantage

Goodreads is a platform many authors don’t immediately think of when it comes to creating social media accounts, but it is an important one. Though Goodreads isn’t as user-friendly as Facebook, or as large as Instagram, it is incredibly helpful for authors. As an author, when it comes to utilizing Goodreads your options are virtually limitless. You can use to it engage and keep up with readers. Goodreads also gives an author the option of joining or creating groups, which can be an asset in many ways. Another great way to gain attention on Goodreads has lots to do with your author website and blog. By far my favorite Goodreads feature as both a reader and an author assistant is the quotes feature. It opens many doors, for both groups. Goodreads can be a bit difficult to navigate, so I’ve taken the time to highlight the important parts of Goodreads, that I really enjoy, or recommend that authors use.


Using Goodreads to Network with Readers

There are many great options to network with readers on Goodreads. There are two important ways you can network with readers on Goodreads. One way is that you have an author account that has followers, where readers can ask you questions, and read your blog posts. The largest advantage of having a Goodreads author account is how it ensures you have the ability to make sure the information regarding your books is accurate and up to date.


Another way to connect with readers is through your personal account, where you can have friends instead of followers. This option allows for much more freedom when it comes to interacting, you’ll be able to see what books your friends are reading and have reviewed. It is important to have an author account, but in my opinion, I think an author should have and use both an author and a reader account. There are many more ways you can interact with readers on a reader account, like commenting or liking reviews other readers have posted. There is no denying having a well put together author account is also important, this is likely the one you’ll link to from your website, so potential readers can find you and your books on Goodreads.


Goodreads Groups

The groups on Goodreads are huge and cover so much! You can find groups on genres, or certain authors and even book groups that may be local to your area. If you’re an author who has a wide, or loyal fanbase, you could create a group on Goodreads specifically for your readers to discuss your books! You can also find the most helpful group you’ll need when it comes to Goodreads: The Goodreads Librarian Group. They’re the people who will be able to help if you need to combine versions of your book or update your cover. When it comes to fixing things like this, they’re incredibly helpful and kind.


Another great group an author can join is the Goodreads Authors/Readers group, it’s is designed specifically to connect authors with readers. It’s sorted by genre so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for and full of active members!


This post from Girlxoxo outlines fourteen groups on Goodreads that are dedicated to the 2019 Reading Challenge! If you don’t know what the Reading Challenge is, check out this post from Goodreads, that does an excellent job of explaining what it is.


Goodreads and Your Website

When it comes to staying active on Goodreads and increasing your engagement or audience one of the best things you can do is link your blog’s RSS feed to Goodreads. Doing so will ensure that your blog posts automatically get shared on Goodreads once they’re published.  It sounds like it could be a complicated thing, but it isn’t. For more information on how to do this, read this post from Blackbird Publishing. Another great way to link your website and Goodreads is to ensure that your website is included in your Goodreads biography. This will ensure that it is easy for your readers to find your site and books from Goodreads. Doing these things will make it fast and easy for readers to find you, and your books, no matter where they’re looking.


Quotes and Goodreads

The quotes feature on Goodreads is my absolute favorite. It allows readers to highlight passages of a book from their Kindle device or app and share it to their Goodreads page if the two are linked. I love having the availability to use this feature when I’m reading business books. I like to highlight pieces that really speak to me or advice and tips I want to make sure I remember. I love being able to look at my quotes library after finishing the book, to see which pieces really resonated with me as I was reading. As a reader, it allows you to share your favorite authors with the world and helps you remember which awesome parts of a book you really enjoyed once you’ve finished it. As an author, this feature allows you to highlight those pieces of your book you especially loved writing or pieces you don’t want a reader to miss.

Valuable Ways Authors Can Use Goodreads To Their Advantage
These are a few quotes I’ve enjoyed from recent books I’ve read!

Goodreads has so many benefits for authors, from networking to promotion and just getting to know other authors and readers. It allows you to connect with your peers, and fans all at the same time, in many ways. You have the availability to share reviews of books you’re reading, quotes from your own books, blog posts and so much more. The very best part of joining Goodreads, it’s free. Just by creating an account and being active, using this free service could potentially help you sell books and build lasting relationships with readers. If you’re wondering how else you can build relationships with readers, check out this recent blog post on my site.

Much like any other social media platform, it is most important to be active and engaging, don’t be too self-promotional. Share about the books you’re reading and enjoy, or books that have helped inspire, or better your writing. Doing these things will go a long way. If you feel like you need more help on Goodreads, check out their Author and Advertisers blog for some great advice and tips!



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